Video: The Best of the 2012 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is not your typical automotive festival. People don't show up park their cars and get to tanning and chatting. No, the Goodwood FoS is a moving motorshow and the only way to experience the motion is with video. Here are some of our favorite highlights from this year's Festival of Speed. The festivities began early Friday morning with supercars and racecars doing warmup laps to get their setups dialed in and get acquainted with the run up the hill. So how's about a little  Texas BBQ courtesy of Hennessey Venom GT for breakfast: One of the major debuts of the 2012 Goodwood Festival was the Pagani Zonda R Evo. We featured it in a post late last week, now see it in action: Ford has had a major presece in Europe for the last 50+ years, and this year they put on a great show for their UK fans. Some very smoky burnouts from the Ford Shelby GT500 and a car chase up the hill featuring a Focus ST and a Jaguar XF: Formula One's original Ice Man; Mikka Hakkinen won his first Formula One Championship in 1998 in this McLaren Mp4/13. The battle for the driver's championship in 1998 was one of the most closely contested and featured two future hall of famers Micahel Schumacher, and Mikka Hakkinen locking horns. Despite all the new technology, current F1 cars just don't sound quite like they used to: The sound of the Ferrari 458's 4.5-liter V8 never gets old. Watch as the 458 Spider runs up the hill. Here you can really see how fast these cars are going. Pretty ballsy, especially when you consider the asphalt is only about the width of one and a half cars: We're in love with the Aston Martin Vanquish, and we're happy to see it tearing up the Goodwood hill following its official launch: A motorssports fesitval wouldn't be complete without a Porsche race car. Though Porsche, as always, had a huge presecence at Goodwood, the amazing British weather put a damper on things. Still the a Porsche 962 made up the hill, though very slowly. So we had to settle for this  997 GT3 Cup: Lotus and Mclaren were the stars of this year's festival and brought out tons of race cars for the fans to enjoy. The highlights were the antics of McLaren F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and fellow racers Mark Webber and 2011 world champion Sebastian Vettel. Lots of donuts, and tire smoldering burnouts, enjoy:   See more of our coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed here