Video: David Coulthard Catches 178 MPH Golf Ball in an SLS AMG

Let's face it, golf is for rich, old, white dudes. Congrats to Mercedes-Benz UK's marketing team for knowing their target audience. In a new promo campaign, Mercedes wanted former F1 driver, David Coulthard, to attempt to catch a golf ball, hit by golf pro Jake Shepherd, in a moving SLS AMG.  Not a chip shot, mind you, but a 178 mph drive. VIDEOS: See More Amazing Automotive Videos This was not an easy feat, but after several attempts (and a broken windshield later) the golf ball landed in the SLS passenger seat at a distance of 902 feet.  A new World Record...for catching a golf ball in a moving car. Now that it was a success, Mercedes can release their targeted ads for the over 50 crowd, and Coulthard can go back to having brunch...with supermodels. Click here to return to the BoldRide home page