Video: The Dark Knight Rises in a Chrysler

It's a new trend that is all too common in the movie industry. A big blockbuster film is slated for release, so a big car company wants to put their name in it. Acura with the Avengers, BMW with Mission Impossible and so on. This time Chrysler has partnered with one of the most anticipated new films of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises.

The only problem we see with this is, considering Chrysler has ZERO cool cars in their lineup and Acura has already graced us with the NSX spyder in the Avengers, Chrysler had to come up with a clever way to promote their 300 mode. Thus the rocket boosters. While right now it's unclear who will drive the matte black, flame-throwing 300 (hopefully they're not downgrading Mr. Wayne from his Murcielago) there is some ominous bad guy type music in the background that could give us a hint. The video entitled "Imported From Gotham City" shows us a group of engineers mounting some new technology along with some matte black body panels onto the Chrysler, did we mention it has a rocket booster?