Video: Behind the Curtain-the Development of the Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S might be two of the most anticipated cars of 2012. With both companies claiming that the lightweight, rear-wheel drive coupe is built for real enthusiasts, it's no wonder so many people are foaming at the mouth over the prospect of owning one. In this two part video, Subaru's engineers peel back the layers of development that give warrant to those claims. Apparently, preparing a cheap rear-wheel drive car for a lifetime of hooning is a really intellectual process. Who knew? The Subaru BRZ is not the fastest car we've featured here on BoldRide, what with twin-turbo Lamborghinis and Veyrons stampeding up and down our blog all day long. In this mad world of 200 MPH muscle cars, 1,200 hp convertibles and nearly 600 hp station wagons; the BRZ makes no attempt to take part in the absurdity of the current horsepower wars. It focuses on the fun factor and that's what we like about it. Toyota and Subaru have made the bold decision of actually reducing the amount of car (horsepower, weight, cost, gadgetry etc.) you physically get, in order to maximize smiles-per-hour. What's impressive about the less-is-more philosophy is the intensity of the engineer's obsession with maintaining a very low center of gravity. This allowed the designers the freedom to pen one of the best looking every-man-cars we've seen in awhile. Oh, and it just happens to change direction supremely well without breaking the vertebrae in your back. The end result is a car that's light, cheap, fun and has limits that you can explore at sub-sonic speeds. It may lose in a magazine race, but that was never the point. It's the return of the cheap, lightweight sports car that rewards you where it matters, on an empty back road or a deserted parking lot. Part 1: Part 2: See more of the Subaru BRZ here