Video: Toyota Suffers Huge Crash and More Bad Luck at Le Mans

"Just happy to be alive." Those were the words of British driver, Anthony Davidson, who was behind the wheel of Toyota's E8 TS030 hybrid this past weekend at Le Mans during a massive wreck with a Ferrari 458. Only five hours into the 24 hour race, Davidson and Ferrari driver Pierguiseppe Perazzini (say that three times fast) came together while heading into the setup to Indianapolis corner. This sent the TS030 flying through the air, flipping and spinning several times before both cars slammed hard into the tire wall. Davidson suffered two broken vertebrae, but thankfully both were in good condition. This was not where Toyota's bad luck would end. Soon after, on the restart, Davidson's teammate in the E7 TS030 would send the Nissan DeltaWing into the wall, knocking it out of the race, both sustaining some serious damage to their right rear fenders. The DeltaWing was a Le Mans favorite and the only joy we can get out of this is imagining the Toyota pre-race speech, "we must kill the Batman." Although Toyota did provide some stiff competition, the dominating Audis were too much to handle. The R18 e-tron quattro's placed first and second, while the R18 ultra taking home the bronze and fifth place.  Almost had the clean sweep, Dr. Ulrich.  Maybe next year, maybe next year.