Video: Blond Drive TV Makes The Gallardo Even Sexier

What happens when you mix a $230,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and Russian Playmate Irina Olhovskaya? A keyboard covered in the drool (um, or other) of every guy watching. The YouTube program Blond Drive TV has been gaining steam in the automotive worlds as Irina (the blond) gets behind the wheel of some pretty sweet cars in a very tight red racing suit. In this video she is in awe over her favorite Lamborghini. What we can tell you about this video is she walks around the car a few times, sits in it and at about 2:00 minutes, dare we say, it got pretty close to erotic. She also goes over some important things like how to properly handle the e-brake and why the show is called BLOND Drive.!