Kim Kardashian Has Pretty Decent Taste In Cars

Kim Kardashian, of reality TV and "1 Night On Ray-J" glory, apparently has half way decent judgement when it comes to cars. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 pictured above is the latest in a long line of expensively fast whips she's purchased. Though we would have enjoyed watching her step out of this Lamborghini time and time again, it's not for her. It's for her new lover Kanye West who turned 35 on Friday.

The Twitter superstar, in addition to having pretty decent taste in shoes, also maintains a stable of exotic and luxury cars. Kim has been spotted driving around LA in a white Ferrari 458 Italia sporting a fresh set of Agetro M140 wheels, Kanye West's SLR McLaren, and keeps a blacked out Range Rover as a daily driver. The 690 horsepower Aventador, which just raced an F-16, showed up on the back of a trailer Friday morning before Kim went off to join Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce in Dublin. We're just glad the Lamborghini made it off the truck in one piece, and didn't become the second pseudo-celebrity sports car crash this week.