Vauxhall Red Victor Good for 220 MPH in 6.6 Seconds

Take a guess at what the quickest street legal car is in the world? Nope, not a Bugatti or a Pagani, it's actually a Vauxhall. While we're not arguing that this title doesn't come with a few modifications, this 1970 Vauxhall Victor FD hit 219.29 mph in only 6.714 seconds. The record breaking drag race took place at the FIA European Drag Racing Championship at Santa Pod, as owner Andy Frost hit an impressive 219 mph in 6.71 seconds. His time, broke the previous record set by Rod Saboury of the U.S., who hit 209 mph in 6.75 seconds in his 2009 Corvette. Even more impressive, Frost came back for a second run beating his own time with a 6.592 seconds run at 220.09 mph. Even at this speed, Frost says, his car is still in the early development stage and he wants to maintain the street legal status throughout the continuation of the project. Power for the Red Victor comes from a twin-turbocharged 8.8L Chevy sourced V8, and when in full race mode it's good for three times as much power as a Bugatti Veyron (1,000-hp x 3, you do the math).