Black Knight Hummer is a Zombie Killing Party Machine

Hummer mods are never subtle, most come with 30 inch rims, awkwardly installed Lamborghini doors and in an unwritten Hummer tuning code all this must be accompanied by some sort of weaponry. It's only natural then that the Black Knight Hummer H2 comes with all these, um, amenities and then some.! As the videos show, there's a hell of a lot going on with this Hummer. During the day the Black Knight looks like your average, run-of -the-mill zombie murdering machine; complete with axes, machine guns, missiles, the works. It's not until the sun goes down that you get to see the drug induced, LED party ride that the Black Knight really is. With Lambo doors, gaudy rims and a night club style interior the H2 lets loose for a little while before it's back to murdering the undead. For those of you with a sensitivity of embarrassment for other people, you might not want to watch these videos.