Video: 2013 Shelby GT500 Hits 200 MPH

A 200 mph Mustang is downright impressive. Even in today's day and age there aren't many cars that can reach the glorious 200 mph mark without costing six figures and your first born. Thus, Ford wanted to make sure everyone knows just how fast their new Shelby GT500 is, with a video good for some bragging rights. The new 'promotional' video for the GT500 shows it topping out at speeds of 200 mph on Italy's famed Nardo Ring. The 7.8 mile banked circuit allowed Ford to take the Shelby to near top speeds while testing composure, body composition and aerodynamics, all of which Ford says maintained "very stable," and made it "very easy to drive." Power for the 200 mph pony comes from a 5.8L V8 good for 662-hp and 631-lb-ft torque mounted to a simple six-speed manual transmission. The Shelby also comes with an electronic launch control which gives it an impressive 0-60 of only 3.6 seconds. See more of the 2013 Shelby GT500 here