DRIVEN Gets Ghost with Koenigsegg

This week JF Musial heads to middle of nowhere Sweden to meet the craziest, most innovative car manufacturer north of the Alps, Koenigsegg. This feature is packed full of 1,200 hp supercars, foggy 300 kph pulls, and Lex Luthor gone mad for carbon fiber. The cars that roll out of the Koenigsegg factory don’t need much of an introduction. But ever since the debut of the original CC8S, the CCR, CCX, CCXR, Trevita, Agera, and Agera R, Koenigseggs have come to be know as some of the most cleverly crafted cars in the world. There are no big name engine suppliers, or an adjunct Formula 1 team to poach for talent. No, the genius of these cars comes exclusively from the vision of company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, some trusted employees, and probably the happiest 24 yr old test driver currently working. The half hour trip through the factory takes a peek at all the details that make this Swedish manufacturer so distinctively cool. The Koenigsegg factory tour: its part Swedish quirky, part aloof ambition, but totally epic. See more Koenigseggs here