Video: MINI Destroys Parallel Parking Record

Sure there are people out there who think the world's longest fingernails or world's hairiest woman are prestigious awards to hang over their fireplace, but one of the most sought after records comes in the form of the the world's tightest parallel parking job. This award has changed hands five times in the last few years and it was only last month that Patrik Folco claimed that his 22cm parallel park would never be broken. Well he was wrong. In a MINI sponsored event for the unveiling of their new special edition Cooper and Coupe - the parallel parking job wasn't just broken in terms of centimeters, it was shattered. Chinese Ace Han Yue shaved an impressive 7cm off the previous record to come home with the prestigious award of world's tightest parallel parker at 15cm. The next world record should be trying to get out of that spot.