The euphoria currently surrounding the fifth generation new 2009 BMW 7 Series will go unchecked for a while to come, at least until the car is launched. In the UK this will be 15th November 2008. Still a while off, but if you cannot wait, read on.
7 Series as the epitome of BMW excellence, is meant to be the height of dynamic driving tool mashed with comfort levels associated with this competitive segment, as well as environment-friendly propositions. With all this in mind, BMW has created the 730D, which with its new engine, aims to overthrow any and every other rival of this level. The 3.0-litre turbo diesel has shed 5kg compared to its predecessor, thanks to all-aluminium construction. Yet it produces class-leading figures of 245 hp/180kW and 540Nm of torque, spread from 1,750 rpm to 3,000rpm. The 730D spits 192 g/km of CO2 , sprints to 62mph from naught in 7.2 seconds and tops off at 153 mph.

More stunning are figures delivered by the 740i/L and 750i/L. The former misleadingly uses the multi-award-winning 3.0-litre straight six engine (mated to a standard 6-speed automatic gearbox) famous for its two turbos to crank out 326 hp/ 240kW and a stump-pulling 450Nm. For the current range-topper (we are still a while away from 760i and at least a year and half away from the M7) the 750i/L, down was the way to go, from 4.8 to 4.4-litre V8. But this time again, two turbos assist in conjuring 407hp/ 300kW and a boat-hauling 600Nm in torque. Unlike the previous car with its gear stalk located behind the steering wheel, the use of X5/ X6/ 5 Series centrally-located gearlever ensures driver will be able to change gears too in semi-auto mode.

To help harness all this potency is Drive Dynamic Control, a system that lets the driver customize his/ her preferred suspension and other settings relating to driving style and comfort levels. A host of other technological marvels will accompany each new 7 Series, depending on options taken. For instance, the lane departure will be available as well as Integral Active Steering which allows the rear wheels to turn by up to 3 degrees for optimum parking ability and other advantages. iDrive has been simplified even further than what we saw in the facelift version of the car and features a ‘return’ function to take you back one step if you wish. Graphically it is advanced as well, and offers 3D visualisation. Just as one or four others in the market today, the 7 Series offers an internal 8G hard drive that can store up to 100 CDs – I guess depending on whether you have Jim Reeves or speeches by Margaret Thatcher in them – and can be accessed easily through iDrive.

Because I don’t have the whole Internet to explain the new BMW 7 Series I’ll stop here. But before I go, check out the video presentation of the car and enjoy motionally what it can do.

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