Video: EVOs Exclusive Review of the All New Pagani Huayra

The latest offering from Pagani is finally here, and EVO has the exclusive rights to the first test. Following nearly a year of teasers and promos, the Huayra’s release has been highly anticipated. All that hype has not been for nothing. According to EVO’s Jethro Bovingdon the Huayra serves up Bugatti rivaling performance thanks to the mountain of torque generated by the twin turbo V-12. The AMG sourced motor sounds industrial at low revs, but grows into a howl as the revs climb and the boost builds. The active aero looks straight-up ridiculous in action, and makes the Huayra look more like a fish out of water than a $1.4 million super-car. Either way it’s eccentrically unique, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from Pagani.  We hope someone has the balls to get the Veyron, Huayra and the Hennessy Venom GT  together on an empty runway for a comparison test sometime this year. We probably could’ve have done it ourselves if we had shorted  the Facebook IPO, but NASDAQ didn’t process our orders.