Video: Chris Harris and the E28 M5

The first generation M5 (E28) is a lot like your first girlfriend. If you broke up (gotta start somewhere), everyone that came after was more of the things you loved. Over the years the M5 has gotten faster, more comfortable, and more accessible. The original was a hand built sedan powered by the engine from the M1. With 286 hp (euro spec) it had more performance on tap than almost any other car at the time. In a 1985 M5 you could easily outrun a Corvette while the kids listened to Sussudio on the Walkman, and the wife unloaded a can of Aquanet into her hair. It’s was the first German super-sedan. It’s no surprise that Chris Harris is a proud owner, and that he’s still crazy in love after all these years. There’s a lot of history behind the M5, and Harris highlights the best bits here. But really, we like this video because the car you see is about as far from a garage queen as you can get. It’s being driven hard, doing power slides like any good German brute should. After all, what good is a great car if you can’t love it properly?