Florida Judge Rules Flashing Lights to Warn of Speed Trap is Protected under 1st Amendment

A Florida judge has ruled that flashing your headlights at oncoming motorists to warn of a speed trap is legal, and expression of Free Speech. Score one for the good guys. Warning your neighbor of a speed trap with the ole’ double-tap of the high beams is an American tradition. It’s a simultaneous display of camaraderie and “sticking it to the man” at its best. Motorists are technically allowed to warn each other of hazards, like a fallen tree or a dead animal in the road. All of you would agree, a local smokey hiding with a radar gun would constitute a hazard to your fellow human. Florida traffic officers don’t see it that way, and have been ticketing drivers under a state law indented to ban drivers from using aftermarket emergency lights. Ryan Kintner was ticketed under this law, called BS, and lawyered-up. According to an Orlando Sentinel report, a Florida judge has sided with Kintner, ruling the law had been misapplied. In addition, the judge ruled that flashing your high beams to warn of a speed trap is a form of free speech. On this day, I’m proud to be an American. Wikipedia has a great rundown of headlight-flashing laws, state-to-state. Check it out to see what the law is in your state! Source: The Orlando Sentinel Photo courtesy: Imgur.com