Tell Us Your Scummy Car Dealership Stories

No one WANTS to go to a car dealership. If we could buy a car the way we buy an iPhone, we would. Why? Because dealerships have the stereotypes of plaid-suit wearing scumbags bent on empyting your wallet, with ear-to-ear grin while they do it. Not all car dealerships fit the image that we have of them, but the worst offenders give a bad name to all of them (The way the cast of a certain MTV program gives a bad name to everyone from New Jersey). There are widely-used dealer tactics (like the four-square method) that don’t help the dealer’s cause. At the end of the day, even the most upstanding dealerships are screwing you on some level, in some way, shape, or form. We want to know your dealership horror stories. Email and tell us about your horrible run-in with a dealer. The worst stories will be posted, with the names and dealers changed to protect their identity. These stories will help prepare you the next time you step onto a dealer lot, and hopefully you won’t get hosed when you buy your next car.