Video: Why Drifting Might be the Future of Grassroots Motorsports

Hate it or love it drifting is the future of grass roots motor sports. Why? Because it’s both equally stupid and awesome. It has the same rebellious attitude that got NASCAR started, but it’s cheaper to get into than any other form of motor sport. Plus it’s all about beating the crap out of the car you built in your garage. But just like NASCAR it’s grown up quick, with Formula DRIFT staging some massive events over the past few years. Which is why we’re glad that NOS Energy Drink sponsored the making of this mini-documentary. “Keep Drifting Fun” is part smoke fest (porn), and part bromance-novel about the drifters who are at the heart of the sport. Over the course of 30 minutes it crisscrosses the United States documenting grass-roots drift events, and the people making them happen. This awesome film captures V8 swapped RX-7’s and Miatas in action, and more chirping blow-off valves than you can count. There’s also the angriest RX-8 we’ve ever heard annihilating its rear tires just for your entertainment. So grab two beers (it’s the weekend), watch this video, get inspired, and go get sideways at 90 mph.