Video: Big Muscle (Lingenfelter Collection) Mike Musto knows muscle cars, and he knows how to build them to be driven hard. His 180 mph 1969 Dodge Charger/Daytona clone made the cover of Hemmings Muscle Machines in 2010. He’s also the host of DRIVE’s  “Big Muscle.” In this week’s episode Musto heads to the supremely cool Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton, Michigan. Over the course of twelve minutes Musto guides us through Ken Lingenfelter’s assortment of 200 hundred exotic and classic cars. Included are ultra rare pieces of Corvette history like the Duntov Test Mule EX-8, and a 1993 Lingenfelter Corvette ZR1. If you’re a fan of the Chevrolet small block, or die-hard Corvette fan you need to see this video. Grab a notebook and crank up the volume. Class is in session.