Video: Hennessey Ford GT Sets Record What's fast... how about 257MPH in one single mile? That's the record the Hennessey Ford GT just set at the Texas Mile. The current record was set by a modified 2006 Ford GT which did 223MPH (according to Guiness Book of World Records). "I was impressed with how hard it pulled in fourth and fifth gears on that run...I think I can do better in the lower gears next time and we can run an even better speed," said Sean Kennedy who set the record. Oh, yeah we'd like to see that. The Hennessey Ford GT that was driven is modified by tuner Hennessey Performance with Precision Turbochargers and features a racing engineered 5.4L V8 engine. Shane Tecklenburg, a racing consultant for MoTeC was in charge of the power management as well as the data acquisition system. How much power was Hennessey able to milk out of the engine? Nobody really knows, but Jon Hennessey told that 2,000HP is a pretty safe bet. The team and Kennedy will be back for the next event which is scheduled for October of 2012 where they will be looking to break 260 MPH. Click here to see more Hennessey cars