Brilliant Mind Behind: Lamborghini Ankonian

When Slavche Tanevski began studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, he never guessed he would end up creating one of Lamborghini’s fiercest looking concept cars, the Ankonian. In an exclusive interview with BoldRide, Tanevski describes his assignment – his first one during his second term – as being told “to design the next supercar that would contain Lamborghini DNA.” Everything else was left up to his imagination, with no restrictions placed on feasibility or technical packages. What resulted has been touted as the most aggressive looking Lamborghini yet. “It’s perfect for Batman,” Tanevski jokes. Here, the designer – who now works for Mercedes-Benz – opens up about the Ankonian, his design process and why clay is better than CAD when creating a car. He also shares a rendering which hasn’t yet been published (image above). BoldRide: How many years did this project take from start to finish? What was the most challenging aspect to creating the Ankonian? Tanevski: The design process itself took three months and the model building a bit longer because of my other school obligations. In total, it took slightly longer than a year. But that gave me the chance to explore more and to play with the surfaces and find new solutions every day. I also got professional tips from Lamborghini and Αudi designers every week. The back end seems lifted up like a normal car. Is that for aerodynamics? Is it more effective than a spoiler? Well, the front end is as low as the lowest street legal supercars are. The tail is lifted up for a light visual appearance of the car, which also pushes the car forward optically when seen in side view. Think of it like a hot rod stance. The information we received about the car says it's "green-ish" with regards to eco-friendliness. What's green about it? I wouldn’t say it is green, but yet it shows some [eco] responsibility due to its downsizing. By that, I mean in terms of lighter materials, less fat on the exterior, as well as smaller engine. I think today’s cars are too heavy and overloaded with special features that you never use. The Αnkonian is a pure driver’s car. How do the doors open? In evolutionized Lambo style: double hinged, wing doors. Where are the head and tail lights? The lights are hidden between the panels on the hood and in the back between the additional wing and the main body. This was done on purpose. When you don’t see the lights, you have an impression that the car is not from this time, giving it some mystical impression about itself. It's a mid-engine, yet seems very long in the front. Was this done on purpose? Yes. This is not a new approach. One of the most beautiful cars of all times, the Lamborghini Miura, has the same principle. My intention was to offer a new silhouette in the Lambo range. Now-a-days, they only offer cab-forward cars. Who did you design it for? Who would be your intended buyer? Everyone that identifies him/herself with the car…and Batman. Who was your muse when you designed it? Α very special person who still inspires me, makes me very happy and supports me at whatever I am doing. It doesn't look like any other Lamborghini. Why is that? The most challenging thing for a car designer is to go one step further; to put the brand identity to another level, but without forgetting the heritage at the same time. I doubt if I made just a facelift of the Gallardo it would have had 15 million Youtube views! Was this created using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)? I purposely avoided CΑD for this project and decided to do it the tactile way, in clay, ¼ scale. It’s a totally different experience. On the screen you cannot judge the surfaces and the proportions as good as when you see and touch the volume in front of you. Lastly, the specs. What is the Ankonian’s zero-to-sixty time? Quarter mile time? Horsepower? Top speed? Torque? The concept was all about looks. It’s a show-off concept; a swag thing [Laughs]. As car designers, we are not asked about the car’s performance, we just make the car look good and function properly in every aspect but the technical part  - the engine, the transmission, etc. But I can imagine the car having a V10 engine with top-notch supercar specs. Click here for more on this car.