The BoldRide Story

Why did we create  The answer is simple.  As car lovers, we found that there was no true community and home on the web to be completely absorbed and entertained by the world of cars.  Sure, there are car sites where you can buy, bid and look.  Boring.  But there was no place that had the entire automotive world organized to perfection in a way that was easy to navigate and get completely sucked in.  Yeah, it's like car porn.  So in 2009, the mission began to create the web's ultimate library of car pictures, wallpapers, videos and more. Since we launched in 2011, we have been relentlessly working toward our mission of delivering the #1 destination on the web for car fans.  To date, we have close to 10,000 rides in our database and well over 130,000 high quality car pictures.  You can sort every car make by model, sort by tags, filter and download your favorite pictures and share them. If you create an account (which is free and always will be) you can save any ride on your own page as well as upload your own. The BoldRide community comes first and we always welcome your feedback. This is our first blog post.  Here we will showcase Bold Rides from our community, utilize our expert partners to review and give you an alternate take on the automotive world and just talk about cool stuff.  Thank you for your support and we hope you're enjoying the ride. Sincerely, The Bold Ride Team