Your Ride: 1969 Ford Galaxie

John Ross’ 1969 Ford Galaxie means more to him than a normal car would to its owner. “The fact that we purchased this car on our 25th wedding anniversary and then found out that the car was actually built on November 12th was incredible,” Ross tells us. Why? “Because my wife and I were married on November 12th.” Ross and his wife, Karen, love their Galaxie (nicknamed Gertie after the model, a GT) more than “any other possession we’ve ever owned” and spent some time sharing the backstory behind their beautiful Gertie with us. BoldRide: What have you done to make your car a bolder ride? Ross: We’ve only done two modifications: we made the carburetor from a 2 barrel to a 4 barrel, to increase the horsepower to 360. And we added A/C. Other than that, we did a frame-off restoration, which was finished to exactly as it was off of the showroom floor. Great care was taken to restore to it to original condition. What do you love about your Galaxie? My wife would say the “Gulfstream Aqua” paint color, since the first compliment we get is the beautiful blue color on the car. I would say the rarity of the car itself. Only 412 XL GT Convertibles were made, according to the Marti Report. Of those, only 101 were made in the color of Gulfstream Aqua with the Parchment and Black interior. There are very few of the XL GT convertibles that still exist. In the three years of restoration, we have only found five others. Any challenging stories from during your restoration and rebuild phase? The original back glass is extremely rare because Ford only used the Dow Corning glass during November and December 1968. Since our XL was built in November, when we were ready to install the convertible roof, we requested that original Dow Corning back glass be installed, but top shop said it was impossible to put original back glass heat sealed into a new roof. Our restoration mechanic finally found a company that would do what we wanted so we shipped the glass to the top company and they installed our Dow Corning back glass. Of course, we had to tell the top shop that the glass was from 1969. For such a complicated task, the top now looks great with the original back glass. What's an inside fact about your Galaxie that only an owner would know? The car was built without air conditioning, but we found a complete A/C factory system and changed the dash for the A/C vents so that we now have factory air in the car. What’s the feeling you get from driving it? Pride and exhilaration. It is fun to see the reaction of people when they see the car. The first thing we hear is how they love the color of the car. Most people don’t know what kind of car it is because they have never heard of an XL. We have had a few people ask us if it is an LTD and we explain the difference. We really enjoy the questions about the car and the feeling of joy when people are genuinely interested in it. THE BASICS Make: Ford Model: Galaxie Year: 1969 Price (base when new): $5,007.31 Estimated Price (now with restoration): Insured for $80,000 Engine: 429 (7.0L) – 4 barrel Horsepower: 360 hp Torque: 480 lb-ft @ 2800rpm Car Type: Convertible, Classic THE MEASUREMENTS Overall length: 216 in. Wheelbase: 121 in. Height: 54 in. Width: 79.4 in. Curb weight: 4096 lbs. Have a Ride you'd like us to feature?  Click here to get started!