So far, only prototype mules of the so-called fourth Porsche model range have been sighted. They come disguised under the body of BMW's M5, the company's own Cayenne or an Audi.

Porsche's Panamera project gains speed

Porsche issued a press release on Monday confirming the all-new four door sports coupe, Panamera, is going to be assembled in Leipzig Germany thus creating 600 new jobs. The body will be manufactured in the Volkswagen plant in Hannover, and the engines will come from Porsche's home base in Stuttgart. Plans are to produce 20,000 units per year from 2009 onwards.

Since the Panamera is an all new model segment, Porsche has adopted vehicles from other various German manufacturers including Audi and BMW as well as their very own Cayenne to carry out the first stages of prototype development. While performing high speed testing at Nürburgring last week, Porsche engineers were spotted with one of the Panamera test mules using a BMW M5 body as its host. One of our spy photographers caught the M5 prototype showing a small glimpse of the Panamera's future performance with truly tire smoking results. The Panamera will be a front-engined four seater with rear and all-wheel-drive. Power will come from multiple V8 and V10 engines delivering between 340 and 600 HP. The car is supposed to cost 70,000 to 100,000 Euros.

The photos are showing the BMW M5 test mule with extended fenders, and one computer image FROM OUR FILES giving an artist's impression of how the new model may look like upon its release.

Porsche Panamera Prototype Spy Photos