Today was the start of Max Mosley's lawsuit against British tabloid newspaper News of the World after they uncovered a video of the FIA president participating in an alleged sick Nazi-style orgy which Mosley states was an illegal invasion of his privacy. Of course Mosley has strenuously denied allegations that racist Nazi activities were involved, but the problem with it being on film is he has already been tried and sentenced by many public bodies who have seen the footage.

Despite the public humiliation, Mosley seems happy to continue the saga for as long as possible with his lawsuit. When he took the stand today he spoke of his love for sado-masochistic role play and fantasy of corporal punishment.

"It's just more - fun is probably the wrong word - but it's much better if accompanied by something which seems to justify what is going on," he said.

He stated he found nothing less erotic than Nazi imagery and denied the session was brutal despite the fact the 67 year old drew blood during the orgy. He argued the tabloid newspaper acted as a peeping tom and not in the public's interest as they claim.

He said: "A person's sexual life is a most intimate part of his or her private life. Every ordinary human being expects the privacy of their sexual life to be respected and would be outraged if it was not.

One must wonder how his wife and family are taking this continued humiliation.

Max Mosley Talks About His Love of S&M Role Play