Audi is putting the finishing touches on the next-generation A4 in all its forms. The launch of the new model will be accompanied by a change of identity for the compact premium vehicle as it will be renamed to A5 for the versions powered by a combustion engine. We have new photos showing a prototype of the A5 Avant, which is the successor to the A4 station wagon we know today.

If the above sounds a little confusing, it’s probably good to start with a little clarification. Earlier this year, the Ingolstadt-based automaker confirmed it will use odd numbers for cars with combustion engines and even numbers for EVs. Thus, what is now sold as the A4 will be renamed to A5, while the larger A6 will move to the A7 family. The future of the A4 and A6 nameplates, in turn, is linked to fully electric models. However, the flagship A8 sedan won’t see its name changed as it is expected to morph into an electric vehicle in its next generation.

Gallery: 2024 Audi A5 Avant spy photos

From what we see in these new spy shots, the A5 Avant is almost ready for its market launch. There’s camouflage foil covering the entire body, though almost all components seem to be production-ready with the only exception being the taillights. Actually, it is a little weird to see provisional units at the back of this test car as we’ve already seen the production clusters on previous prototypes.

The big news inside the cabin is the redesigned dashboard. We know from previous spy photos the interior will receive a larger infotainment screen with HVAC controls integrated into the display as virtual buttons. We can’t tell whether there will be physical shortcuts for some of the functions or not but we know Audi will try to make the design as clean as possible.

As mentioned above, every new A5 will have an internal combustion engine under the hood. This prototype features dual exhaust pipes at the back, though that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a six-cylinder motor under the hood. The engine range is expected to consist mainly of four-pot motors with the optional V6 to be reserved for the hotter S5.

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