Back in October 2007, Honda debuted the CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) concept car in Tokyo. Referred to as a “next generation lightweight sports car”, the CR-Z is confirmed for production starting in 2009.

Today, Honda has announced, using the same language as above, that an OSM (Open Study Model) concept, which bears many similarities to the CR-Z, except as a drop-top version, will debut at the London Motor Show on July 22.  The OSM concept was drafted at Honda's R&D center in Offenbach, Germany.

In an interview with Automotive News, Honda spokesman, Steve Kirk, acknowledged certain similarities between the two cars, but did not confirm if the CR-Z and OSM were related.

"At present the OSM is just a design study, a clay model," Kirk said. "It is definitely not confirmed for production at the moment." However, he goes on to hint that if the OSM is approved for production, it “would fit into Honda's plans for a greener product range.”

Strategically, London is a good event to debut a compact convertible, since the UK is the world's biggest markets for open-topped sports cars.