Do you know many V6 powered cars that can do 0-60mph inm just 3.2 seconds? Here is one than can.

Salica is better known in automotive circles for their convertible conversions of Noble cars, but there always comes a time when you must stake your own claim to fame and with the GT convertible supercar, Salica have certainly produced an attention grabbing model for the enthusiasts on this site. It is an evolutionary development of the Noble sportcars with a design allowing the model to be both a hard-top and a convertible

Power will come from a mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 engine which available in naturally aspirated form pumping out 400bhp or with twin-turbochargers rising power output to 500bhp. It is mated to a 6 speed Graziano transaxle gearbox which passes the 560 ft lbs of torque to the wheels. The composite body is available in carbon fibre putting overall dry weight of the vehicle at 1025kg, it is also available in GRP (glass reinforced plastic).

Shall we take a look at what kind of performance we are gonna get from this then? OK, you twisted my arm. The GT accelerates from standstill to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds putting this model among the best performing V6 power cars in the world. The 0-100mph stands at 7.8 seconds and it has an estimated top speed of 190mph.

For those of you looking to drive this beast, you better have some damn good driving skills, the GT lacks any electronic driving aids normally accustomed with production models except for optional traction control and ABS.

Salica also have a racetrack GTR version with an upgraded engine banging out 550bhp, it also features a roll cage, electrical cut out and a fire extinguisher in line with FIA standards.

The first prototype will go on show from today at Williams Automobiles Bristol showroom and will stay until Sunday.

Specs of Salica GT Supercar Released