Last year, Ken Block was aiming to set a new overall record at Pikes Peak behind the wheel of a curious pink Porsche 911 called the Hoonipigasus. Sadly, that didn't come to pass and tragically, the world lost the action sports star in January to a snowmobiling accident. However, The 1,400-horsepower Porsche lives and at this year's Pikes Peak, it will go up the hill with Block behind the wheel. Not Ken, but his 16-year-old daughter Lia.

Taking recently to Instagram, Lia shared the exciting news with the world. However, this won't be an official timed run, as she explains she still needs a bit more experience before racing it to the top. Considering many young drivers need more experience handling a 90-hp economy car, taking some time to master a monstrous 911 for one of the toughest racing venues in the world is understandable.


To refresh your memory, the Hoonipigasus is a vehicle of epic proportions and not just because it packs a 1,400-hp flat-six engine in a 2,200-pound car. Built by BBi Autosport, this is technically a mid-engine 911 designed specifically for the famous Hillclimb, and we mean specifically. It utilizes a trick height-adjustable suspension system that operates automatically using GPS coordinates, raising or lowering as needed during the car's run to the clouds. Naturally, it's all-wheel drive, and for those wondering about the name (and the color), it's an homage to the 1971 Porsche 917/20 race car affectionately known as the "Pink Pig."

Ken Block was preparing for a potential record-setting run at last year's Pikes Peak Hillclimb, the 100th running of the annual event when an engine failure took him out before timed runs could commence. Lia will likely be taking it pretty easy for the 101st running, though she has all kinds of experience with mega horsepower driving the Hoonicorn Mustang against numerous competitors, albeit in a straight line.

However, she's not unfamiliar with turning or stage rally. Lest we forget the drift practice she received with her dad at age 13, and she is currently running a successful season in the Green APU American Rally Association, driving a Subaru BRZ in the Open 2WD category. She recently finished first in class at the 2023 Olympus Rally and is presently second overall in O2WD.

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