The latest update patch 1.32 for Gran Turismo 7 has introduced a bunch of new features and adjustments that are sure to keep fans of the racing game engaged for even longer. The patch introduces four cars, updated World Circuits, and two new Scapes sceneries, among others.

In addition to the five new cars added toward the end of March, update 1.32 includes the sleek 1992 Jaguar XJ220, the powerful Mercedes-AMG GT3, and two variants of the Dallara SF23 Super Formula for Honda and Toyota. The XJ220 is available for purchase at Legend Cars.

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Apart from the new cars, players can now compete in new events at iconic World Circuits, such as the Watkins Glen International, Circuit de Sainte-Croix, Fuji International Speedway, and the Hypercar Parade at Interlagos. These new circuits will test even the most seasoned drivers and add some extra excitement to the game.

Scapes, the in-game photography mode, also sees some new additions with North Yorkshire and Miyazaki being added as featured Curations. Players can now take stunning photographs of their favorite cars in these beautiful locations and share them with the world.

For collectors, there are new menu books (Super Formula) and extra menus (Shelby and Alpine) to unlock. Additionally, new conversations with car designers and characters have been added to the GT Cafe, allowing players to learn more about their favorite vehicles and characters in the video game.

Brand Central has also been updated with new museum entries for the "Super Formula" and "Brembo" sections. Players can learn about the history and development of these iconic brands while browsing the cars available for purchase.

The update also includes various improvements and adjustments, including repairing an issue with the steering controller, adjusting the engine sound for the Audi RS5 Turbo DTM, and updating objects on the Fuji International Speedway. The multiplayer experience has also been enhanced by an auto-start function added to races in the Lobby and a Settings button added to the Quick Menu during Qualifying.

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