We've heard plenty of rumors and reports regarding future McLaren products over the last year, but this one allegedly comes straight from McLaren's global dealer meeting that just took place. The big news involves a new hybrid hypercar that could be a P1 successor, followed a couple of years later by a four-seat, four-door model. And these days, such vehicles usually refer to crossovers or SUVs.

We'd love to share all kinds of juicy details, but sadly at this point, there isn't much to tell. Automotive News cites a couple of anonymous dealer representatives who attended the meeting, confirming that a new hybrid flagship in the company's Ultimate Series was coming by 2026. As a refresher, the Ultimate Series is where cars like the Senna, Speedtail, and Elva exist. To whet your appetite further, the report also states this hybrid system will be approximately 70 percent lighter versus current McLaren designs, and it will create considerably more horsepower.

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Specific model names aren't mentioned for reference, but looking at McLaren's hybrid portfolio we of course have the P1 that ended production in 2015. Its plug-in hybrid powertrain generated 904 horsepower for a vehicle with a 3,280-pound curb weight. More recently, we have the Artura using a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 hybrid system making 671 hp in a 3,300-lb car. If this new car indeed has a significantly lighter powertrain with more horsepower than the Arturua, it should be quite the performer. If it's lighter and more powerful than the P1, that would be extraordinary.

The other takeaway from the dealer conference isn't as glamorous as a bonkers hypercar, but it could be extremely important for McLaren's financials. The automaker reportedly told attendees at the conference to "stay tuned" for a new class of vehicle in 2028 that could have four seats and four doors. Nothing else was mentioned, but we know McLaren CEO Michael Leiters is fond of SUVs and has super-SUV experience with the Porsche Cayenne and Ferrari Purosangue. Several reports have said the company is already working on an SUV, but there's also an unconfirmed report that a sedan is in development.

We've contacted McLaren to see if there's any official comment available on this news, but don't hold your breath. It's likely we'll have to wait at least another year before learning anything official.

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