Update: Say hello to the newest Mercedes!

Read all about the new tech-savvy sedan in our 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class debut post.

The Mercedes E-Class has been around since 1993 when the W124 was facelifted. Fast forward three decades later, the sixth-generation model is ready to break cover. Codenamed W214, the large luxury sedan will break cover today, just a few weeks before its nemesis from BMW – the 5 Series. We're likely going to see only the sedan, but the wagon is expected to go official later this year.

The interior has already been largely revealed in the build-up to today's world premiere. As seen in the adjacent images, the cabin will be heavily derived from the E-Class' electric equivalent, the EQE. In fact, unless you're a diehard Mercedes fan, it'll be a bit difficult to set them apart. That camera sticking out from the upper part of the dashboard can be used for selfies or for video conferencing.

Much like the previous-generation C, E, and S sedans all looked alike, the newest wave of Mercedes sedans will retain the similarity from one car to another. It should be a tad longer for greater interior room and a bit sleeker as automakers are focusing on aerodynamics to reduce the drag coefficient for better fuel economy.

The biggest question among enthusiasts surrounding the new E-Class is whether it'll retain the V8 engine. Some claim the next AMG E63 will use a downsized inline-six part of a plug-in hybrid powertrain that would follow the AMG C63 with its four-cylinder electrified setup. BMW is doing things differently since it has already confirmed the V8 will power the next M5, but that one too will be a PHEV.

While another All-Terrain is planned as a jacked-up wagon, two flavors of the E-Class will not make it. The coupe and convertible are being retired, along with the smaller two-door C-Class models. Instead, Mercedes is believed to be replacing them with a CLE Coupe and CLE Convertible, complete with spicy AMG derivatives.

A wild rumor claims the three-pointed star has already decided to give up on wagons by 2030, so this might be the last long-roof E-Class.

The livestream starts at 11 AM Eastern / 3 PM GMT.

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