Ammo NYC is cleaning another Lamborghini Countach, and this one isn't anywhere as disgusting as the previous one. It's an import from Europe that's getting clean before going up for sale.

As always, the process starts with a general cleaning with water. This removes the major dirt and debris from the body so that Ammo NYC can get into the real detailing. This car's paint appears to be in fairly good condition from the beginning. To dry the car, he uses a machine that blows warm, filtered air. 

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The next step is polishing the body. He uses a process of shining a light on the body and only working on a given area until things are just right. It brings the paint back to a mirror-like shine.

The interior is in good shape but still needs a little cleaning. There's actually a surprising amount of dirt in the carpets, despite them looking good at first glance.

One of the final steps is applying an enamel coating to the body. It ensures that water doesn't stick to the body after the laborious detailing.

The end result is fantastic. The car looks as good as new and maybe even better.

The Countach 25th Anniversary Edition celebrated Lamborghini's quarter century in business. The brand made 667 of them. The model featured a revised styling that included tweaks to the front end and redesigned scoops at the rear.

This car has the optional sport seats. In comparison to the standard ones, they provide additional room for occupants, which is especially helpful for taller drivers who might be cramped in the regular chairs.

The Countach 25th Anniversary Edition featured a 5.2-liter V12. This one has the European-spec downdraft carburetors, rather than fuel injection. 

Ammo NYC previously washed a Countach that was in far worse condition than this one. It sat for years and had rodent feces and nuts in the engine bay. The cabin was similarly gross.

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