BMW unveiled the i7 M70 earlier this week at Auto Shanghai 2023 in China as the third M Performance model to do away with the combustion engine, thus joining the i4 M50 and iX M60. It won't take long before the lineup will expand to include a fourth member as the i5 M60 will break cover sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, it looks as though the German luxury brand is still shooting teaser photos and/or videos of its AMG EQE competitor.

Our good friends at BMWBLOG have graciously allowed us to use these spy shots taken right in front of the BMW Welt in Munich. The fact it's still fully camouflaged and the cameras are pointing at the car suggests the teaser campaign for the i5 M60 is not over yet. The sporty electric sedan was sitting on a platform hauled by what appeared to be a semi. Upon closer inspection, we notice it has all production body panels as well as the final headlights and taillights.

2024 BMW i5 M60 spied at the BMW Welt

The few exposed surfaces reveal the electric M Performance saloon appears to have a matte paint (aka Frozen in BMW jargon) from the Individual catalog. The blue brake calipers and M-specific side mirrors are hard to miss, and so are the Continental winter tires for the stylish two-tone wheels. In one of the images, we can spot a small bulge in the front-left fender where the "M" badge is positioned. Mind you, this is the M60 rather than a regular i5 with the M Sport Package.

While this prototype is a sedan, an i5 Touring has already been confirmed and caught on camera by car paparazzi. It's coming next year, and we don't see a reason why BMW wouldn't sell the wagon in the spicy M60 flavor. The long-roof derivative is likely to get the full-fat M5 treatment as well, complete with a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 and an electric motor making a little over 700 horsepower.

In the meantime, the i5 M60 sedan should be revealed together with the regular 5 Series and i5, so that annoying disguise will come off in the next few months or even sooner.

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