If you jump to 22:56 in the video, you'll hear a quote from Jay Leno that likely lives in the hearts of every car enthusiast. Truth be told, there are many mantras shared among those passionate about motoring. But this is the one most likely to bring more smiles – and more trouble – to folks behind the wheel: "There is no substitution for immaturity."

Folks, that can be a dangerous thing to say in a 90-horsepower, three-cylinder hatchback, never mind a 1,025-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170. That's the car visiting Jay Leno's Garage this week, complete with a guest appearance from Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis who explains the various aspects and tech features of the world's quickest internal-combustion production vehicle. By now, you likely know all about the supercharged 6.2-liter V8, which is almost entirely new for the Demon 170. You also know about the upgraded trans brake and retuned suspension, helping this car rip an eight-second quarter-mile time at the drag strip.

Gallery: 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

What you may not know is just how big a role the Demon 170's computer system plays in its performance capabilities. Whereas the previous Demon needed special calibration to reach its 840-hp peak, the Demon 170 detects whatever fuel is in the tank and makes necessary adjustments to use it. Provided that the fuel is E85, the driver enjoys all 1,025 hp from the screaming engine. Beyond that, the system can be manually adjusted by the driver to fine-tune power as needed for the perfect quarter-mile pass. That can be a simple adjustment to traction control, or dialing in specific power settings at various points during the run.

Kuniskis demonstrates this functionality for Leno in the garage, but since the car featured is the same one that debuted in Las Vegas, there's just a single seat inside for the driver. As such, Leno is left to go solo for his customary end-of-video drive, and he's plenty entertained with the Demon just as it is. Every minor stab of the throttle comes with a roar from the exhaust and a guttural laugh from Leno. The larger throttle stabs – which Leno says are still relatively light – bring excessive wheelspin.

The 2023 Dodge Challenger Demon 170 marks the end of the current-generation Challenger, as well as the end of the Hemi V8 engine option for the Challenger and Charger. 3,300 will be built all total, with production stopping at the end of the year.

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