Going off-road isn’t for everyone. You might believe that it is easy and simple as long as you have the right vehicle but this is certainly not true. And conquering mighty difficult and dangerous obstacles like the Pritchett Canyon on Moab requires even more skills than you’d believe and a solid experience behind the wheel.

Why are we saying all of this? We stumbled upon the video you can find attached at the top of this page, showing a brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 attacking an obstacle at the location we mentioned above. This is a good example of why a proper off-roader doesn’t always mean a successful maneuver. But let’s take a look at the vehicle first.

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According to the video’s description, this Rubicon 392 is the driver’s third Wrangler JL and has been fitted with portal axles and giant 40-inch off-road tires. We don’t know when it came off the production lines but it certainly looks brand new with no damage from previous off-road adventures.

This could have been the SUV’s first major accident during off-roading, though. The driver attempts some serious rock crawling at what appears to be an approximately 30 feet tall and incredibly steep hill. During the first few attempts, the driver pushes the pedal very gently until they decide to reverse a little and go almost flat out without making corrections to the steering wheel.

This is the point where everything goes wrong. The Wrangler jumps with its four wheels for about a second and the driver quickly realizes this isn’t the right strategy. Then, the off-roader gets stuck with two of its wheels in the air. The driver reverses and the machine finally lands safely on its four legs. Luckily, it seems that it suffers no damage despite being an inch away from a real disaster.

Is the driver to blame for this near miss? Or is the challenge just too big for the Wrangler? Let us know in the comments section below.

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