Buying a car with five seats and an absurd amount of power is easier than ever. A new video has two such vehicles lining up for a round of drag races, and the cars couldn’t be more different, with the Audi RS4 Avant lining up against the Tesla Model Y.

The Audi’s specs make it appear that it is at a disadvantage in this competition. The RS4 Avant packs the 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 450 horsepower and 442 pound-feet (600 Newton-meters) of torque. It might be down on power but is lighter than the Tesla, tipping the scales at 3,847 pounds (1,745 kilograms).

The dual-motor Model Y makes more power than the Audi, delivering 527 hp and 486 lb-ft (660 Newton-meters) of torque to all four wheels through its dual-motor setup. However, the extra oomph comes at a cost as the Tesla is heavier than the Audi, weighing 4,402 lbs (1,997 kg).

The Audi struggled to get off the line in the first standing drag race. The Tesla had a better start, getting the early lead. However, the Audi was able to come back and win the race, forcing the electric crossover to take the second-place trophy. The second race saw the Audi struggle once again for traction, giving the Tesla a considerable enough advantage to win its first bout, but it did so by less than a car length.

The third race started just like the other two, with the Audi struggling for traction. However, it was also able to claw back even with the Tesla by the finish line, the pair crossing it at the same time. Both completed the quarter-mile race in 12.4 seconds.

The Audi also won two of the three half-mile races, with Tesla winning the third under some dubious conditions. The final brake test was another too-close-to-call moment in the video, with the two cars stopping at nearly the same distance. The Tesla’s extra weight didn’t hurt it too much, but it appeared that the Audi won the test by a front splitter and not much else.

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