Our latest look at the refreshed Porsche 911 shows the updated model with its new front end and headlights. The development team is slowly peeling away the camo as the premiere gets closer.

The 911's front fascia features a pair of skinny crossbars on each side. The center section has a pair of sensors for the various driver assistance systems. Some previous examples of the updated model feature active slats. It's not clear whether this element might only be for certain trims or powertrains, which would explain why they aren't on this vehicle.

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The 911 also has updated headlights. This includes a new look for the four running lights in each lamp. In one of these photos, you can see the turn signal is on because the illumination is amber rather than white.

Like many previous 911 development vehicles, this one wears mismatched wheels. The ones in front have Y-shaped spokes. The style at the back has 10 straight spokes. Drilled brake rotors are visible, too.

At the back, the engineers cover the taillight's outer edges with black tape. The bumper includes trapezoidal exhaust tips, and you can see two circular pipes in each of them. The panel between them seems to be for concealing the final design in that area.

Inside, the updated 911 adopts a fully digital instrument cluster. If it's like the setup in the new Cayenne, drivers would be able to select between various display modes, including Porsche's classic five-pod layout.

Powertrain changes are still a mystery. Horsepower increases often accompany the brand's model refreshes. Porsche confirms that sometime during the updated 911's run the long-awaited hybrid model would arrive.

We expect the first of the refreshed 911 models to debut before the end of the year. Although, the exact timing is still a mystery. Don't expect all of them to premiere at the same time. High-performance variants like the Turbo and GT3 likely arrive later.

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