Hyundai is readying the fifth-generation Santa Fe crossover. A new spy video shows the redesigned model out testing on public roads, with camouflage and cladding hiding the fresh design details.

The updated Santa Fe is supposed to debut before the end of the year. It will usher in a new look for the model we can’t see just yet. However, the cladding can’t hide the nearly flat roof or the crossover’s boxier proportions. The coverings hide many front-end details; however, the headlights and daytime running lights appear to be a single unit on the new crossover.

Gallery: 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe new spy photos

The back is just as covered as the front, maybe even more so, making it difficult to see any of the new styling features. Taillights appear to poke out through narrow slits near the bottom of the cladding, but we’re not sure if those are the production units. Hyundai has made some effort to conceal the look of the rear end.

The automaker also attempted to hide the interior, but the video above poorly captures a portion of it. Previous spy photos showed the cabin gaining a completely new look with a single large screen on the dash housing the driver and infotainment displays. The new video captured the dash without the coverings, but the glare on the side window obscured many of the details.

The previous photos also revealed a spacious center console, which looks like it’ll be home to the vehicle’s charging station. It also appears that the gear selector will be on the steering column.

We don’t have any information about the powertrains. However, the video shows this example with a tailpipe, meaning there’s a combustion engine hiding under the hood. We wouldn’t be surprised if the crossover continued to employ some form of electrification.

Hyundai hasn’t specified when it will reveal the new Santa Fe, but it will break cover sometime this year. However, the company will likely reveal the new crossover in South Korea, its home market, before revealing the global version for the US and elsewhere. It might arrive as a 2024 or 2025 model.  

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