A new Lincoln Nautilus is nigh. The mid-size SUV is preparing for a new generation, and a new teaser video from Lincoln confirms that generation is almost here. Save the date for April 17  – AKA next Monday as of this article posting on April 14.

The short video does more than reveal a debut date, however. We glimpse a darkened interior, lit up by some spiffy computer animation that, at face value, seems random. Two purple streaks erupt from an illuminated Lincoln badge, spreading left and right as a purple mist spreads horizontally between them. We see the word Nautilus slowly appear, and as the purple clouds fade away, a pair of purple slivers appear on the sides. Finally, we get the big news of this teaser: a debut date of April 17 with the event happening in New York City.


But is that really the big news? We've often seen automakers share teaser photos and videos with features shrouded in darkness, so we decided to enhance a screenshot with the purple clouds dancing. That's the image you see at the top of this article, and it turns out the randomness wasn't, um, random. If fact, this is a preview of the new Nautilus interior, packed with display screens including a long panel that appears to run the entire length of the dash.

With some digital illumination added to the image, we can see the Lincoln badge is on a center tablet-style touchscreen. The purple streaks then jump to the top screens, heading left and right to create the purple clouds on digital displays. We can't make out sizes or details, but it sure seems like Nautilus is projected on yet another screen, connecting the corners to give this new SUV a snazzy glass cockpit.

Beyond that, Lincoln once again proves that if an automaker wants to keep a secret, it can. Mostly anyway – we haven't seen any spy photos of prototypes in public. But in November 2022, images of the new Nautilus exterior design leaked from the Chinese government. Presumably, the model sold in North America will look like the Nautilus offered in Che Far East, but we'll know for sure in just a couple of days.

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