Last year, Lamborghini launched the new-for-2023 Urus Performante. It wouldn’t be until a few months later that the automaker updated the base model in a new S guise. Lamborghini clients got to experience the new Urus S at a special event in Taormina, Italy, that returned some stunning photographs.

The event was part of Lamborghini’s Esperienza program, which allows owners to experience the company’s models in new and exciting locations. Participants of the fourth edition of Esperienza Terra explored the area and culture around Taormina, including getting an opportunity to hike Mount Etna, traversing over 160 kilometers (99.42 miles) on road and dirt surfaces over the event’s 12 days.

Gallery: New Lamborghini Urus S In Italy

The Lamborghini Urus S debuted in October with an upgraded engine and more customizability. Under the hood, the company gave the S the same engine upgrades in the new Performante, making the same 666 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque.

However, the Urus S is slower to 62 miles per hour than the Performante by 0.2 seconds, needing 3.5 seconds to complete the sprint. The Urus S lacks the Performante’s weight savings, carrying around an extra 104 pounds. Lamborghini left the top speed unchanged at 190 mph. It can speed to 124 mph in 12.5 seconds.

The Urus remains the brand’s best-selling model, and the updated Urus S and Performante should help keep it flying off dealer lots. In 2022, the company sold 9,233 vehicles worldwide, a 10 percent increase from 2021. The Urus comprised over half of those sales, with Lamborghini delivering 5,367. The company’s second best-selling model was the entry-level Huracan, which sold 3,113 models last year. The company also posted a record profit for 2022, up 56 percent.

The Urus lineup will grow again with the introduction of the plug-in hybrid variant in 2024. The company finally confirmed that it is developing the model, which our spy photographers have caught testing, and it’s just a stepping stone to full electrification. Lamborghini plans to launch an all-electric Urus in 2029.  

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