The Lucid Air Grand Touring and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 have one thing in common. Okay, they have lots in common, in the sense that both have seats, four wheels, and carry people. But in the world of, the only notable common ground here is both being very fast in a straight line.

That's a good metric to share for a simple drag race, but this new showdown from Edmunds is one of their U-drag competitions. That means a drag race combined with braking, a 180-degree turn, and another sprint back to the finish line. That also means the Lucid Air Grand Touring – the undisputed horsepower champion in this group with dual motors and 819 electric ponies going to all four wheels – will have to do more than just go fast in a straight line.

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Meanwhile, the Corvette Z06 and its high-revving 670 hp V8 might seem like the underdog, but it's considerably lighter than the Lucid. On paper, the 'Vette is actually faster to 60 mph at 2.7 seconds, versus 3.0 in the Air. However, that requires the Corvette driver to get a perfect launch every time, whereas launching is a bit easier in the beefy Lucid sedan. This begs the question: If things don't go according to plan in the Chevrolet's cockpit at the start, does the Air have enough performance chops to hold a lead through the braking and cornering aspects of the challenge?

That question is answered on the first run. Both cars leave the line together, but the Z06 clearly struggles for traction. As a result, the Lucid charges ahead and if this were a quarter-mile race, it would be game over in the Chevy. There are several car lengths separating both vehicles at this point, but the battle is only half over and momentum shifts to the Z06. The Lucid struggles to corral its 5,200-pound mass while the Corvette makes up all the lost ground under braking. Both are even through the turn, but the Z06 exits faster and pulls away to a clear win. But it's not as decisive as one might expect.

That comes with run number two.

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After a driver swap, the Z06 launches much better and both cars run side-by-side through the quarter-mile. Under braking, however, the heavy electric sedan is no match for the purpose-built two-seat corner carver. The Corvette wins this race by multiple bus lengths.

The test drivers postulate that, if the Lucid had dedicated performance tires (it was running all seasons) it may have fared a bit better. Even then, that likely wouldn't be enough to top the Corvette in a challenge where speed, braking, and cornering all factor into the outcome.

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