Classic Dodge Vipers are surely a gem, especially if they are still running and kept in pristine condition. That's the exact opposite of what we have here in this featured video.

The current owner, Matt, has a 1994 Dodge Viper RT10 in his garage – left stalled and abandoned. He called the folks at WD Detailing to get it detailed, though it wasn't the first time he did so.

A year ago, Matt had already contacted the WD Detailing team for the same work, which was finished but he was unable to revive the car since he had a heart attack while working on it. Now, the Viper needs some TLC again and the WD Detailing team wasn't taking any excuses for Matt not being able to bring it back on the road. The folks still agreed to work on the Viper, on two conditions: that it will be parked inside the garage with a car cover; and that it must be driven at least once every two weeks on sunny days in summer.

A little back story on the car: Matt acquired the classic Dodge Viper from his brother after he passed away. It was abandoned in the barn for three years after that.

Naturally, the Viper was covered in dirt, and the interior was infested with mold. The restoration work involved a comprehensive detailing process. To begin, the exterior of the car was pressure washed to remove the debris. Afterward, it was washed with shampoo, clay barred, and polished to restore its shine. This process required a lot of time and effort, but the end result is worth it as the classic sports car looks as good as new.

The Viper's interior was not forgotten, of course, since it required full detail, including mold removal. The mold was likely a result of the car being left unused for a long time, and the moisture and humidity provided the perfect environment for mold to grow. However, with the right tools and techniques, the mold was removed, and the interior was cleaned thoroughly.

In line with Matt's promise to revive the Viper, the video also teased a surprise at the end.

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