Garage 54 is no stranger to building wild machines, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with cars. The YouTube channel is filled with endless experimentation – its latest video is no different. The team decided to make a 6x6 vehicle, but with the rear tires cut in half. Yeah, it's wild.

While it only has four total tires, it has three axles and six hubs. It's just that the back two hubs have half a tire wrapped around them. It's a freakish thing to look at.

It's no surprise that two half-tires are worse than one whole one. However, the Garage 54 YouTube channel wanted to put any sort of remaining skepticism to rest and decided to test it for themselves. The crew cut a car's back tires in half, making a freakish-looking six-wheeled monster with two additional hubs.

The setup has two half wheels that spin so that one half is always in contact with the ground. While that might seem like superb engineering, the design was riddled with flaws that became quite apparent as soon as the testing began. The ride was incredibly rough. Each wheel of the rear axles struggled for traction depending on the road surface. Bumps and potholes made it difficult for the car to have traction. The tires required solid contact to spin.

The massive gaps between the wheel halves were also not helpful, shaking the car with each rotation as one-half of the tire hands off support to the other. It wasn't comfortable, nor practical, with the car struggling several times for traction.

It is unclear if any improvements would help to smooth out the car's atrociously rough ride. However, we all know the easiest solution would be to attach the proper round tires back onto the vehicle. Automotive engineers had this one figured out from the beginning.   

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