When you hear about an art car, oftentimes it involves an abstract creation brimming with shapes and colors. This time around, things are a bit lighter in the visual sense but sometimes, lighter is good. 

If fact, lightness was the specific intent for this special 1964 Porsche 356 SC project. Created by Alfredo Haberli in collaboration with Porsche Center Zurich, the flowing lines of the classic sports car are highlighted by three neutral colors covering approximately 80 percent of the exterior. The original white remains underneath, and while we aren't given specific names for the colors, they appear to be pale shades of gray, blue, and yellow that's almost a light gold in nature.

Gallery: Porsche 356 SC Art Car

From a distance, the colors are hardly noticeable but up close you can easily see the simple block patterns on the body. You can also see the brush strokes, all going in the same direction as this car is hand-painted. The photo gallery above shows the process from initial design through completion, with Haberli assisted throughout by Dominic Pluer. In all, approximately one kilogram of paint was used, and though its primarily applied on the outside, the glove box door on the interior bears Haberli's name with yellow and gray sections underneath.

"I selected neutral colors in order to bring out this iconic Porsche’s language of form," said Haberli. "The color and structure of the brushstrokes highlight the 356's lines in a classical, timeless, and poetic manner, but in a different way to an automotive paint job – in fact, like a sculpture."

As such, this classic Porsche art car is called Das Gewicht der Leichtigkeit, which translates to The Weight of Lightness. It was officially unveiled on April 1 at a special event in Schlieren, located on the outskirts of Zurich. It will be on display at events in Switzerland throughout 2023, after which it will be auctioned with the proceeds going to Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz, a charity that helps children suffering from cancer.

"We are delighted to present this extraordinary vehicle," said Sascha Leardi, managing director of Porsche Center Zurich. "Alfredo Haberli's art opens up many new lines of sight to design, performance, tradition, and art, and also of course to Porsche. It crystallizes lightness and perfection."

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