As with the German posh brands, Genesis wants to cash in on the SUV boom by expanding its portfolio of high-riding models. Case in point, the GV80 Coupe concept was unveiled this week as a belated answer to the BMW X6 while a three-row GV90 electric model is rumored to arrive closer to 2025. That doesn't mean Hyundai’s luxury division is neglecting other body styles as the South Korean is expressing its long-term commitment to the good ol' sedan.

Speaking with Australian magazine CarExpert, Hyundai Motor Group's Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke said: "It's a mistake to basically write off a typology of a vehicle. I don't want to have a monoculture of SUVs on the street… I love SUVs from the rugged ones to the sporty ones but that’s not it." He went on to say rival brands looking to discontinue sedans will come to regret the decision, and in the meantime, Genesis will cater to people looking to purchase a sedan.

2023 Genesis G90 Long Wheelbase side

Genesis G90 Long Wheelbase

2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Exterior Front Quarter

Genesis G70

The Belgian automotive designer who penned everything from the Lamborghini Murcielago to the quirky Audi A2 says "doing an SUV is so easy and you end up with designers with limited skills because they have only been working on bricks." Luc Donckerwolke mentioned Genesis isn't all about SUVs and sedans as he suggested the X Speedium Coupe and X Convertible concepts have a shot at going into production. He mentioned the company is working on these cars since there is sufficient demand, but a "basic business case" needs to be built first.

Aside from the GV80 Coupe, Genesis could come out with an entirely different SUV. The man who designed the original modern Skoda Octavia didn't rule out a ladder-frame model to go after the Mercedes G-Class. When asked about the possibility of a rugged SUV, Donckerwolke said: "I don't see why it wouldn't fit the brand. My goal is to never be caught not prepared when the chairman tells me 'what if.'"

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