Off-road enthusiasts flock to the trails at Moab, Utah for the challenges they pose, and the incredible scenery of the region. Some of these trails are extremely difficult in the best of circumstances, requiring good equipment and greater skill to clear rocky terrain. But this video from XplorAdventure offers a view of Moab in less-than-ideal conditions with rain and mud inundating the trails.

The irony of the situation isn't lost on us. Rocking a modified Toyota 4Runner, this off-roading family decides to tackle Slickrock when the rocks are actually slick. The video opens with a montage of the scenic drive to reach the trail, followed by an advisory that the trail is impassable when wet. Ultimately, they opt for a less aggressive trail, but it's still a sketchy drive. With a destination in mind, they set off taking it step-by-step and alert to the weather, aware that they might have to turn around if things go sideways.

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It's a wise choice, as there's plenty of slipping and sliding going on in this video. Obviously the rocks get slippery when wet, but there's also the issue of mud getting packed into the tire tread. Clay is common in the area, and clay mud can be just as treacherous as ice. Things stay relatively clean for the first half of the trip, with slow and steady winning the day on rocky sections. That's not to say there aren't some nail-biting moments during the drive, but the terrain is handled almost deceptively easily.

After a lunch break, conditions deteriorated to the point where they had to turn around. The return trip took them down the same trail, but with the ground now well-soaked, mud became an issue. The video shows thick clay covering the tires, making even small rock ledges extremely difficult to clear. Through it all, the driver keeps things calm and steady. As a result, we suspect this video makes it all look much easier than it actually was.

As this article goes live, thousands of Jeep fans are preparing for the 2023 Easter Jeep Safari at Moab. Here's hoping they encounter good weather for their off-roading adventures.

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