The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S has a huge following. It's been on the market for six years and is still one of the best ultra-high-performance tires you can buy. Naturally, Michelin wanted to ensure the replacement lived up to the reputation of the PS4S while measurably improving its performance. Based on this video review by Tyre Reviews, it looks like it has.   

The Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 builds off the Pilot 4 S, evolving to support the latest demands of high-performance cars. Many tire sizes include acoustic foam to lower internal noise, something owners of performance-oriented electric vehicles will appreciate. The tires are also equipped with connected sensors and built-in RFID and are designed to handle the higher loads placed on them by larger, more powerful hybrid and electric vehicles, like the Ferrari 296 GTB

Other Pilot Sport S5 enhancements include: 

  • A new wavy summit that stiffens the tread pattern for more precise handling by controlling the undulation of the steel belts under the tread blocks.  
  • Enhanced asymmetric dual sport tread design. A large portion of the outside tread includes dedicated rigid blocks for better lateral dry grip and steering response. The inside of the tire has large, longitudinal grooves to flush away water for enhanced wet road traction.
  • A racing-derived tread compound on the outside to maximize dry grip and a new cutting-edge rubber compound engineered for the best possible wet grip.
  • New bead design architecture to further improve steering response and handling.

Additionally, the Pilot Sport S 5 features Michelin's next generation of premium touch sidewall design for a higher contrast, allowing the tire to look as good as it performs. The difference is subtle, but it makes the tire's name and the Michelin Man stand out more prominently than with the old tire. 

Speaking of names, Michelin also revised its naming convention with the Pilot Sport S 5. Instead of calling it the "Sport 5 S" the revised naming format identifies the brand, product name, performance subgroup, and generation. That name separates it from the Pilot Sport 5 we reported on last year, with the S denoting a higher performance category.  

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