Oh how Toyota loves to be sneaky with its teaser campaigns. We know a new Tacoma is coming, but at a glance, the above photo looks like just another image of the current-gen truck. However, a closer look reveals all kinds of clues that tell us in no uncertain terms this is something more.

To be clear, the blue truck in this image isn't a new Taco. It's the current generation model, shared by Toyota in an image posted to its social media channels along with a simple message: Patented good looks. Such posts certainly aren't uncommon from automakers, but lest we forget, the next-gen Tacoma's redesigned body was already leaked to the world in January courtesy of patent images from Brazil. And wouldn't you know ... the building in the background of this photo has a sign saying Brazilian Patent Office, with a blurry truck parked out front resembling the leaked images. Isn't that neat.


Once you connect the dots, it's blatantly obvious this isn't just another truckin' Tuesday social media post. That invites a closer look to see what else is hiding in the photo, which brings us to the license plate. This is a current model Tacoma, but it wears a type of generic automaker plate often seen on new vehicle launches. The numbers read 040423, which could be random but are likely spelling out a date – April 4, 2023. Meanwhile, the 2023 New York Auto Show kicks off just one day later with media day on April 5, ahead of the public show launching on April 7. Coincidence? We seriously doubt it.

This all reminds us of the sneaky GR Corolla teaser campaign from Toyota around this time last year. The hot hatchback managed to work its way into several photos and videos that were mostly unrelated, offering hints on everything from engine size to horsepower, the all-wheel-drive powertrain, and its manual transmission. And then there was the Tundra leak back in 2021 that Toyota rolled with in stride, deciding to just reveal the exterior of the truck early instead of pretending nothing happened.

If the clues are legit, expect to see the long-awaited new Tacoma next week, possibly for the 2023 New York Auto Show.

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