It hasn't been long since our first sighting of a camouflaged Chevrolet Traverse, but we've now seen multiple prototypes running around Detroit. This time around, our spy sources believe they caught a modest LT model cruising the streets.

Though still wrapped front-to-back in camouflage wrap, we can see a different grille design versus our previous sightings. Horizontal bars dominate this iteration, and they are likely covered in chrome underneath the wrap. That compares to the mesh design we saw earlier in March on what we believe was a new Traverse Activ trim. Our first prototype sighting also had a mesh grille of a slightly different design, though that vehicle clearly had placeholder parts in place so it may not be representative of a production model.

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In any case, straight chrome bars are indicative of an LS or LT trim level, but we lean towards LT based on what we see in the back. Quad exhaust outlets neatly squared at the corners seem a bit more up-market for an LS vehicle, and it certainly brings a bit of Corvette ambiance to this large crossover. Speaking of which, it still very much looks like a sizable three-row SUV, but it seems a bit smaller overall versus the current model. Chevrolet could be trying to further separate the Traverse from its other sizable three-row SUV, the Tahoe.

And yet, the overall design could ultimately be more like the Tahoe. Chevy designers are joining the rugged, boxy bandwagon we've seen with other recent SUV debuts like the Toyota Sequoia and Honda Pilot, infusing the Traverse with squared-off body lines and a more upright presence. The face is bigger and more chiseled, with a larger grille flanked by two thin running lights at the top and larger lenses in the middle. Not everything will change, however. Looking closely at the side, we can see body lines for the Traverse's iconic forward-slanting rear pillar under the wrap.

As for the interior and powertrain, nothing is known at this point. If the recent upgrades to the Trax and Trailblazer are any indication, a handsome interior with large touchscreens and plenty of tech is coming. We know internal combustion power will stick around, too. But hybrid versions are virtually guaranteed.

A full debut by the end of this year is likely, though it's unclear if it will enter production as a 2024 or 2025 model.

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